MIDI latency issue...

Latency issue is w MIDI as the MIDI notes in piano roll are visually hitting after the beat (if it was sample problem the MIDI would be on but audio off).. thought it was the arturia vdm vst, but the same problem occurs on basic drum rack. all my stuff is purchased, not cracked.

Here's what I got which would seem awesome:

Brand new mac (2.6GHz Intel core i7, mem 8gb 1600MHz DDR3)

Ableton 8.3.2.

Here's how low the buffer size is set and use of driver comp:

Buffer size 77 Samples

Driver compensation -7.00, overall latency 0.51ms

I tried both new APC 40 Controller and/or old M-Audio Axiom 25 same problem w both.

almost every track not being worked on is frozen, cpu is at 40% while track plays.

nothing on desktop, no other programs running, wireless is off.

SO WTF!?!?


THANKS in advance...


nateybird 4 years ago | 2 comments

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  • notime333
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    I've got a UA Apollo and an iMac i7. Same problem. Midi works fine if I open stand alone instruments or if I play in pro tools. But as soon as I go to Ableton I get a midi delay. Driving me crazy! Any advice ableton? Tried all the normal latency fix crap. 

    1 year ago | 0 comments
  • alsiesta
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    ​Hello there boys! All this nonsence about investing into the desent  interface bla bla bla!  Ive got Prism Sound Orpheus and it does the same thing the latency is awful absolutely unplayable and it doesnt matter if its on 256 or 512. Both of those parameters are flying in Cubase! WTF!!!! Somebody from Ableton please give us a FIX!

    1 year ago | 0 comments
  • keem85
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    Sooo... Are you using ASIO4ALL drivers? I had the same issue, and it affected my midi aswell. Switched to ASIO4ALL and reduced the buffer to minimum and it worked perf

    3 years ago | 0 comments
  • dcm_guitar
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    So far the only answer I can get is that Live doesn't work and other DAWs do.


    Looks like I'm going to have to abandon Live and move to a different DAW.  Sigh.....

    1 year ago | 0 comments
  • Zauberer und Hexe
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    Mac Pro, 32GB RAM, SSD

    Live 9.1.8

    Apollo Quad (Thunderbolt)

    Tried deactivating all MIDI gear, removing all USB devices (even the external HDD) except Push. Still get the same problem irrespective of buffer size.

    Sad thing is I had it working fine, then suddenly it reverted back to over 500ms MIDI latency for no obvious reason.

    1 year ago | 0 comments
  • puxflux
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    The best way to improve your latency based on your set up will be to get an audio interface with decent ASIO drivers. You could try to work with ASIO4ALL and find the sweet spot where you receive low latency and no minimal glitches in audio, but in long run investing in a audio interface will good investment. 

    3 years ago | 1 comment

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