MIDI controllers freeze at random mid-session. Only short term fix is unplugging them all one-by-one

Running Ableton Live 9 Standard on a late 2013 15" macbook pro, and have a launchpad, launchcontrol and Korg Nanokontrol all running through a powered USB hub (why apple only gave a high-end laptop two USB ports is beyond me). all MIDI controllers will be fine for about 5 minutes or so, then either one of them, or all of them will freeze randomly. none of the buttons flash when pressed on the launchpad, rotaries on the launch control cease to affect anything, little MIDI light on the top right of ableton's UI doesn't respond, etc etc. The only short-term fix i've found is unplugging them all one-by-one, then plugging them back in again - and even then this only fixes the problem for another 5 minutes. I did originally have my arturia keylab 49 plugged into the USB hub as well thinking that it could be overloading the power draw, but the problem persists. Could probably get away with this while performing but it's increasingly becoming disruptive and incredibly frustrating when jamming with ideas and recording - is there anything you guys could suggest?


some people on google have recommended finding the preference folder via the help menu and deleting a file in there, tried this, problem continues to persist.

EDIT: Just tried my session with the launchpad and launchcontrol plugged directly into the computer, with the same problem. I suppose this rules out the USB hub as the root of the problem?


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    I have this same problem.

    I have a late 2015 15" Retina Macbook Pro, Ableton Live Lite 9.6.1, and a Novation Launchpad MK2.

    It's weird because I downloaded the Suite demo and I didn't observe the problem at all.



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