MIDI channel filter in instrument rack

I use a MIDI guitar controller which requires six instances of any instrument - one for each string/MIDI channel. I want to be able to control the same parameters on each of the six instances at once with one controller. Using an Instrument Rack and it's macro knobs would allow me to do this, but I need to be able to filter the note data by channel so that each chain receives only notes on it's channel. Is there a Live For Max device that could do this?


Thanks - Randy


TSD Randy 4 years ago | 1 comment

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    Live strips the channel info after it enters the track



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  • ndebello13
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    Randy, maybe you can add a MIDI track for each string/channel. Then you can MAP the parameters exactly in the same way for each track, and finally MIDI-assign a SINGLE rotary or slider controller to all the six mapped macro.

    I did the following to try that: I created 3 MIDI Tracks. Then I put an Instrument Rack with a VST Synth in each Track (actually I cut-and-pasted the first one). Then I mapped (let's say) "Pulse" to Macro1 for EACH OF THEM.

    Finally I MIDI-assigned a SINGLE rotary controller on the Akai APC40 MkII.

    When I operate it, the parameter changes its value in each Track. Same value, of course.

    Hope I understood your need, and hope that could be of some help.



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