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I have created a 10 page TouchOSC layout on my iPad.  I have audio controls on all 10 pages.  I am using Ableton live 7 and would like a midi signal from ableton live 7's crossfader to a crossfader that is on all 10 pages.  The object is for all 10 pages react the same, so if I go to a different page, the fader will be in the same position.

I tried to do this internally in TouchOSC, yet that option is not available.  I was in the TouchOSC forums and they told me that this would be the only way as of now to rectify the same control on different pages.


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    I played around with it a bit and some how came with the solution.  i went to midi preference and setup the input and output to TouchOSC Bridge.  I have also setup my Korg NanoKontrol with same cc codes, so if I have linking issues, I have a hardware controller.  also, when I use the korg controller, one second after movement of a fader, TouchOSC adjusts the fader to the position of the hardware controller.

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