Merge and split MIDI clips?

In Session View how do I

1. Merge multiple MIDI clips into a single clip

2. Split the notes in one MIDI clip into separate clips (e.g. constituent drum parts)


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  • the3ug3reeder
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    I think what they meant was...

    you have a kick, snare and a hi-hat pattern in one clip.

    you want to split this into seperate tracks:

    if you have the drum parts in a drum rack, just select the drum that you want on a seperate track, and drag it out of the drum rack. drop it in an empty part of your arangement. a new track is created with just that midi part.

    unfortunately, i don't think there's a way to just select a midi clip and split it into seperate tracks for each note.


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  • Near Earth Object
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    This only works for entire midi clips: (horizontaal, not vertical)
    Select the clips you want to merge: ctrl/cmnd - J

    Select the part you want to split: ctrl/cmnd - E

    Or did you mean something else?
    Anyway, you might want to read the manual, because it is all in there.

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  • ajw31
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    In case anyone still needs it, here is a way to split individual drum voices (kick, snare, HH, etc) into separate MIDI clips. They have to be done one at a time, but it's pretty quick and easy:

    Select the MIDI clip that contains the full kit, i.e. all the drum voices.

    In the MIDI edit window at the bottom, select all the MIDI notes.

    Mute all notes. Yes, ALL notes.

    On the piano roll at the left of the screen, click the voice you want to export to a new MIDI clip, e.g. Kick. This will select all the MIDI notes for that voice.

    Unmute those notes.

    Create a new MIDI track. As its MIDI input, select the name of your track that has the full drum kit on it.

    Click the Record button on the new track and record the MIDI from your original track with the full kit. Because all the others are muted, only the MIDI notes from that particular voice will be recorded onto the new track.

    Repeat for other voices.





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  • Philnewera
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    Take the full drumrack track , duplicate it as much as you want to match the number of sounds in the drumrack, Keep only one voice ( ex : Kik ) on each track ( that means removing all the others). Takes 30 seconds or less. If you want to turn it into audio, just select all the drum tracks and Freeze/flatten.

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