measure/bar numbers incorrect

Anyone encountered a situation using unusual time signatures where the measure/bar numbers are incorrect?

I've got a score that, in part, alternates between 4/4 and 11/8. But Live interprets many of the  11/8 bars as 2 bars and does not adjust the bar numbers.

That is, for example, bar 4 is 4/4, bar 5 is 11/8, but the next bar, which is a 4/4 bar, Live marks as bar 7. Live doesn't do this consistently. Some 11/8 bars are counted as one bar and numbered correctly, but probably more than half of the 11/8 bars are counted as two bars, with the following bar numbered one higher than it should be.

Why only some and not all? Is it the way the time signature changes have been entered?

Might there be a way to force the bar numbers to number correctly?

A workaround?



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SQY 3 years ago | 1 comment

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