M-Audio Axiom 25 with LFO Sync

I just upgraded to Live 8 regular, and Axiom 25 has been working relatively well. I am able to custom map and control fine. The problem is recording. I can record the midi portions fine and even playback and modulate bass map "beat" with the mod wheel so I can adjust 1/4 to 1/16 beat with wheel. When I try to record the LFO Sync Rate, it takes in the changes of the wheel and shows up in the lane, but when I play back, it doesn't actually play the beat changes. 

I have tried a lot of things like playing with MIDI preferences. What shall I do to record and playback my changes recorded from the MIDI mod wheel?


BayOnBay 5 years ago | 0 comments

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    One option would be: create an extra audio track, set it to record your instrument including sll the changes. Also, you can simply record the midi changes in the corresponding midi track. Make sure the red button at the top of your screen is off when you play it back. All the changes should be audible then.

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