looper - why doesn't "x bars" record whole bars?

I am trying to set up my rig so that I can record guitar on top of programmed drum patterns live.  I'd rather not have to predetermine the length of the guitar loop I want to record (1 bar, 2 bars, 8 bars).

However, when I punch in and out with the Record setting at "x-bars" it doesn't record the number of bars that I'm overdubbing on- but rather takes whatever tiny timing mistakes I make and amplifies them, making the loops out of sync and unusable.

I know that these are my errors being blown up out of proportion, but since I have no problem at all recording what I want when I predetermine the length of the loop, I don't see why this should work either.

It seems that the setting "x bars" is really no quantization at all.  If I tried to record 8 bars, I will often see in the 'length' (in the black area, to the right of the BPM counter) it will say the length of my loop is 7.3.3

Is there a way to get it to actually resolve to a whole number of bars, without predetermining the number of bars beforehand?




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  • Matt_Quinn
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    Looper is subject to the global quantization, so if that is set to anything shorter than 1 bar and your timing is off at all, you will end up with an odd loop. Set the global quantization to 1 bar, and Looper to 'X bars' and you should end up with an evenly cut loop of any number of bars you want.

    6 years ago | 0 comments

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