Live slow and unresponsive on Windows 7

Live 8 is very slow on my Windows 7 system (system details below), slow startup, the GUI freezes randomly etc. I have raised the issue 2 or 3 times to Ableton support, and had not received anything useful from them.

I have just noticed that turning off my Wifi connection completely got rid of this problem. Live is now responsive, and I do not have GUI freezes any more.

Is there a setting I should change in my system to be able to use Ableton while online ? Configuring the firewall to prevent Ableton to access the Internet did not help.

System details:

Ableton live 8.3

3rd party device:

- Sound card Guitar Rig Session IO (USB)
- Control surface: BCF2000

And the following VST plugins:

- WAVES L3 and L2
- Izotope Ozone
- The above to plugins are using iLok licences


- 4 core Intel core i3 CPU


- Windows 7
- Comodo Internet Security


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  • colonp
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    Wireless cards have a tendency to mess with Live. I suggest a cable :P .. Works for me at least.

    It might work better if you do not use your sound card.

    I also use Windows 7, and Live works pretty much flawlessly as long as my wireless card is disabled.

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  • waiheke
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    Yes an ethernet cable rather than Wireless improves things, but still it is much faster when I completely turn off all network interfaces. I'm wondering why Live is sensitive to network access ?

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  • FillClarke
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    Live shouldn't be so much sensitive to the network card, but generally network processes tend to have a higher priority then most programs.

    Try changing changing the priority settings of live to "high" or "first" in your process window: You can access this window by pressing ctrl + alt+ delete and going in to task manager / processes - Select live in the list of running applications and right click/change priority).

    And of course; always upgrade to the latest version of live: 8.3 is out for a while- many bugs have been fixed since then... these updates are free (for paying live users that is of course... -not saying you're not ;-) )

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  • patrickbrosnan
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    Hi Guys,

    Just to add to this email chain.


    I have a 3 year old mid level windows 7, dual core Jujitsu.

    Intel Pentium CPU P6200 @2,13GHz,

    2.00GB (1.86 GB usable). 64 Bit Operating System.

    I used to run Live 8, it was ok, then upgraded to 9 when it was released last year.

    Admittedly i downloaded the 32 bit Live 9.0 (opps) , and its been painful to use.

    As i only used for fun, i havent looked into why it was slow.

    Last week i downloaded 9.2 (64bit). assuming that would be fine.

    Its still painful to use, constantly unresponsive, and for a novice ableton user, no fun.


    I am unsure if its just my old laptop (i use it for surface modelling, and rendering, so its not that bad a laptop)


    Any advice...besides upgrade the laptop?


    Thanks Guys

    2 years ago | 0 comments

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