Live set suddenly breaks.

Ok, so, I had been working on a song for about 2-3 hours, and I saved it. Next morning I open it up and when I hit play, 2 of the track won't give out any audio, one track plays only on the lefts side pan(even though the pan settings isnt moved at all) AND the audio is stuttering and then after 30 seconds, live crashes. I don't why, I didn't have any trouble like this before, it works fine on a new set, my other sets seem to be fine except for one other set, the only similarity between the two sets is that each one had a sample from EDIT: so I tried this, I opened the problematic sets and deleted the looperman samples, then saved and quit, both sets are fine now. I have never has an issue with those samples before though. ANOTHER EDIT: annnnd never mind, only one works...


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