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I have a live lite version which came with my m-audio keyboard. I upgraded it to live lite 8.2.2. But is says I can upgrade to live intro for free. So I downloaded this, but I can still only use 8 tracks. Is Live Lite 8 the same as Live intro? Or am I doing something wrong?




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  • cutwithflourish
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    Live Lite is the version that comes bundled with hardware like the Launchpad and APC40. You can't buy it separately.

    Live Intro is the cheapest edition of Live available to buy and still has feature limitations compared to Live or Suite. Before Live 8 there was a similar product for Live 7 called Live LE.

    Live Intro and Live LE are different products to Live Lite, upgrade offers for Live LE owners are not available for Live Lite owners - I'm guessing that may be the source of misunderstanding.

    If you've upgraded your license from Live Lite to Live Intro  (or for any upgrade actually) you need to authorize Live again to update the licence on your computer - downloading the software again will just use the existing license on your computer.

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  • vitaminB
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    Here's a more detailed and practical comparison of the feature differences between Live Intro and Live 8, from Ableton Trainer Tom Cosm:

    As you can see, you should be able to use 64 tracks... but you can only use a maximum 8 scenes in session view.

    Maybe you're confusing the two? Scenes are the horizontal axis of session view going from top to bottom, tracks go across from left to right...

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    same problem here i had lite bought intro and only lite works with only 4 scene and 6 effects but i bought intro so i can have 64 tracks and 8 scene so here is my problem in order for me to get my vst to work i had to download an upgrade ok live intro shows 8.7 so abelton say upgrade to 8.3.3 so i do it so now its 8.3.3 with only 4 scene and one send knob i am getting very very very pissed at this program can somebody help PLEASE

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    Same problem here!

    Why there is no free upgrade for us?

    It clearly states that there is a free upgrade for lite users!!



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    None of you answered his question, he is referring to this page:

    and also it's written in the FAQ (questions 1 and 2):

    Where it says that Live Lite users can upgrade to Live intro FOR FREE (meaning, nothing to purchase, if I understand English), and his question is why he can't (btw, I can't either do the upgrade...).

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    Unfortunately you have screwed yourselves by upgrading to live lite 2.2; the trick is to download live intro from the original version of lite that you receive. In other words if you've downloaded live lite 2.2 you can go no further and will need to purchase intro or stack your loot and pay for the live 8 upgrade.

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  • collaborator
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  • mpoirier
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    Hello !

    How can I upgrade my version Live Lite to Live Intro ?

    I found the link, downloaded "program only" and Installed Intro but when I start Live it still says "Live Lite 8.2.2"...

    Thanks !

    4 years ago | 1 comment

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