Live Factory Pack - Both macOS and Windows?

I have both a Macbook and a Windows PC.

I have a shared drive that both installations use, and I figured I could put all of the shared content and user libraries in the same place so I don't need to duplicate any data.

Most things work fine, however factory packs seem to be... Weird.

If I install the pack on Windows and then move/return the directory on macOS, it detects all of the packs that I have installed. However when trying to expand them, there's no content. I also can't right click to view the default lesson. The same is true if I install it on macOS and try to use it on Windows.

If I have installed it on Windows and try to "Find Pack" on macOS by moving the folder, then when I select it I get an error of "This is not a factory pack". If I have installed it on macOS and try to install it on windows by moving the folders, I get the original issue of there being no content.

The only workaround I've found so far is to install it on macOS, move the folder in windows, delete the pack in Live in Windows, move the folder back, install the pack in Windows, delete the newly created second folder, and then using "Find Pack" select the original folder.

This is obviously not at all ideal, and makes installing packs extremely tedious. Is there any way to get ableton to correctly show the contents of a pack that's been installed on a different OS? It detects the pack and says it's been properly installed, but there's no content on the opposite OS.



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  • mcbpete
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    It takes a little while for Ableton to re-index your packs. I recently moved all my factory packs from the internal drive to an external drive and the same thing happened: Ableton would list the packs themselves but you couldn't expand them to see any content.

    Just leave Ableton alone for a few seconds and it should start indexing it all (you'll see a spinning arrow by the 'Places' folder. Depending on how many factory packs you have this can take several minutes to fully complete.

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