LIVE 9 INTRO (new user): CONTROL BAR Explained?

Greetings everyone

i am new to LIVE, using 9 INTRO. This version does not seem to offer "tooltips" -- the small text box that opens when the cursor is held over a tool, or other icon, describing the purpose of the item (indeed i am not certain whether any version of Live has this).

i am sure that after one has used Live for some time, tooltips become an unnecessary distraction (and a drain on resources too!) but being a beginner, my unfamiliarity with the control bar is slowing me down for the time being.

the manual does not seem to offer a single diagram of the Control Bar with an explanation of every icon to which one can refer at a glance-- as far as i can determine, each tool on the bar is defined only in the manual's section dealing with its detail.

I found a diagram of a Live Control Bar on line but it dates from 2010, and some features on the Bar seem to have changed since then.

has anyone made an updated "reference diagram" for the Control Bar?

i apologize for the very rudimentary nature of my question. after using another DAW for many years i've become very accustomed to being very "fast" with it because i already know what everything does -- and now i feel like i have to stop every time i'm not sure which button does what!


very best regards to all for a creative 2016


otalgia99 2 years ago | 0 comments

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  • mcbpete
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    There should be an info box on the bottom left of the screen that explains the button/section the mouse is currently hovering over. If there isn't you might have accidentally hidden it - Either press the '?' key on your keyboard or click the '>' arrow on the bottom left of the screen which should change it to a '^' arrow and show the info box

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  • otalgia99
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    YES! thank you mcbpete, that is exactly what happened: the context-help was hidden.

    because that dialog box contains more extensive information than a simple tooltip, the option to show or hide it makes complete sense.

    thanks again -- now i can REALLY get to work!


    2 years ago | 0 comments

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