Live 9.1.7 and custom VST plugin folders

Spec: live 9.1.7, yosemite 10.1

I've had a weird problem that's only come up recently- in previous versions it worked fine- which is when using a custom vst plugin folder new plugins aren't being scanned (old ones are still there and still appear with a rescan).

I'm using a custom plugin folder with one level of depth (sub folders for delay, reverb etc) which each contain aliases to the original vst's in the system folder. This worked in the past and scanned everything fine, but now new stuff isn't showing up, I'm doing the alt key rescan to fully clear the database, still not working. Weirdly the newly installed vst's show up if I don't use the custom folder option, seems like a bug to me, anyone else had it?


monks1975 3 years ago | 0 comments

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