live 8.2.2 + ozone vst on the master = synth playing with a HUGE delay after i press the keys (does newer live fix this)

live 8.2.2

+ ozone vst on the master

= synth playing with massive delay (does newer live fix this)


PDC in live is really poorly implemented (makes it a "not PRO" sequencer)


will a newer version of live or a text file or something stop this behaviour?

"Reduced Latency When Monitoring"

or will it just "sound right when i play" but "record completely out of time"?

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  • Daniel Rothmann
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    The Izotope Ozone plugin adds a lot of latency, regardless of the DAW you're working in (Ozone often needs 20-50 ms to calculate it's processing). Live can compensate for this latency by moving the affected track(s) forward offline, but it cannot when playing / recording live - For that, you'd need a time machine. 

    The best workaround I've found so far (except for waiting with the latency-heavy plugins until last in the production process) is to bypass the plugin, in your case being Ozone, and going into Options and disable Delay Compensation. This way you can record your synth live with no delay, and then enable Ozone again afterwards.

    It's a bit of a hassle (especially if you're trying to record many vocal tracks with auto tune... I hope that Ableton will work on the Delay Compensation, so it'd be more intuitive and user-friendly, like the one in Logic :-)

    Hope it helps!

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