linking audio files from previously established user library

I have a new computer.  I am transferring all my media and projects over from an older machine, and the location of my audio files library (not my user library; I keep it separate) is different w/r/t the paths.  


I should mention that I saw this post:

It didn't totally answer my questions, although it touches on a couple of details.  I found it vague.  I DO NOT want to 'collect all and save', as I want to save disk space.  I have three questions:

1. I know that when I link a single files in the 'missing media files' area, that I get prompted "Your Set/Project still has missing files.  Should Live try to resolve all missing files based on the location of the file you've replaced?".  What I don't understand here is the underlying algorithm.  For example, if Live goes on to try to link things based on the location, will it ONLY search based on nearby directories FIRST?  If not, where does it continue to search from?  This location happens to be in the new location of my audio library, but I'm a bit worried that other files that are named similar things will get linked improperly (e.g., "snare1.wav").  Anyway, I'm curious about how this works.  My session has the correct paths in it from my old machine, so theoretically, it's possible that Live will re-establish links that are based on the new paths for this new machine.  Here's an example:

File used to be /Documents:../../audio_files/some_dir/snare1.wav

New file might be in /Documents:../../otherdir/audio_files/some_dir/snare1.wav


2. Is there any way to get a log of what this media relinking did?


3. Some of my projects refer to locations such as "Library:Samples/Proecessed/Reverse/"  How can I resolve these types of conflicts?  I've gone to the trouble of collecting all files from the various locations those paths might refer to, but honestly this all seems a bit lame in terms of relinking.  Maybe I'm being terribly OCD about the whole thing, but I really want to make sure that my media is relinked properly, and that my files from older libraries of Live (yes, I have the files intact from backups) can be restored to the current sets.

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