Latency through a mixing desk?

Hey people,

Thanks for taking a look at this.. I am putting together a band which uses patches triggered via Ableton. We have a live drummer so use the click track built into Ableton to keep time. When in rehearsal we plug all instruments into a Sapphire Pro 40 and run a stereo out (including click) to a multi-output headphone amp.

We haven't yet gigged in this format, but we would like to essentially hear the same mix as we do in rehearsal. My plan was to run each individual instrument through the mixing desk as well as a stereo out of the Ableton mix. If I then use a Samson S-phone headphone amp, receiving a monitor mix from the desk in the stereo in and send a the click track to the second input, would there be too much latency for the click to still act as a guide and keep us in time?


Hope that makes sense, any input welcome!



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