Isolating different sounds in samples?

Hi guys im wondering is there a way in ableton that you can isolate part of a sample, lets say you have a sample which contains vocals and music is there a way to seperate the 2 and use the vocals only without the background music or vice versa?


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  • Carlosnik
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    Yes, but this technique does not have something to be with Ableton, in Fact, there is not an FX that could do that automatically.

    I recommend you to read a little bit about Frequencies and then you could improvise with EQ8 and Utility.

    With Utility for example you could isolate the MONO Frecuencies by taking the width control to %200.  In Most of the cases, the Vocals when they are not processed by effects, are in MONO, so its quite easy to take them out of a mix, lets say, like a Karaoke song.


    When it comes to isolate the Vocal as clean as possible, this technique is not very effective, but you can find the right EQ of the Voice, and search whats going on over the 2 Left and Right Channels with EQ in (L/R) mode. Then you can try to give a little bit of Utility Control to get the most of a Vocal part.

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