Is there a way to see which samples are used by Impulse?


I'm running Ableton Live 8, and I've got a few Live Packs that have given me some nice presets for Ableton's Impulse drum machine plugin. However, I prefer the Drum Rack feature (due to the easy method of effecting individual drum sounds) and would like to use the same sounds in a Drum Rack instead of in Impulse. Impulse slots just point to samples, and so in theory if I knew where the samples are, I could load them up into Drum Racks by hand. But I haven't found a way to do this.

Given a particular Impulse preset in Ableton Live, is there any way to list or find the samples that are used within it?

(this question is the same as a question I asked on Audio.Stackexchange: but I never did find the answer)

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Warrior Bob 7 years ago | 0 comments

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    edit: Tone Deft was typing at the same time :)

    - If you hover a Impulse slot you'll see the path of the sample appear in the Status bar at the bottom of the app..

    - If you press a slot's hotswap button Live takes you to that sample in the browser..

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    IIRC hover the mouse over the Impulse slot and in the lower right corner a button shows up with swirly arrows on it.  that's the Hot Swap button.  hit that and the Live browser should jump to the Library section with that sample.

    check the manual for Hot Swap.  in general you can use just the arrow keys and the <return> key to try out samples pretty quickly.

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