Is there a way to prevent a new MIDI clip being created when overdub recording in arrangement view?



Just as the title suggests. For two reasons:

1. New midi clips are unviewable. When you're overdubbing a MIDI part in arrangement view, you cannot see what you're recording while you're recording it.

2. Punching in halfway through an existing MIDI clip forces you to consolidate after to view your new recording 'in context' with the adjacent material.


Is it possible to force Live to leave the existing clip that is being overdubbed instead of overwriting and creating a new clip. Yes, I know the previous material will remain if I use MIDI overdub recording but it will still create a new clip or region regardless of overdub or not.


Thanks for your time.


tian 2 years ago | 0 comments

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    In Preferences there is an option to turn "start recording on scene launch" off. Is that turned off in your case? And does it work then?

    2 years ago | 0 comments

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