Is there a step by step visual guide to DJing with Ableton Push? I have read some guides but since I can't see its a bit hard. Would love to see some Youtube tutorials. Anyone know of any?

If not is there just a simple crash course for DJing with the Push? 


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    Try searching on Youtube, I'd say.

    But to get you on your way: all you need to do for dj-ing with Live is:
    1) know how dj-ing works. There are loads of tutorials on that.
    2) after setting everything up correctly, you can use Push as a controller.
    3) map everything the way you want to work.

    So to be able to do all this, you will need a few things:
    - know how Push works: loads of tutorials, again.
    - know how Ableton Live works. (Manual?)
    - know how to actually dj: again, loads of tutorials.
    - put 1 + 1 together.
    In other words: if you know how Push works AND know how Live works, you're ready to go.
    And yes, this will take some practice. There is no 'solution for everything' tutorial. You will have to do your homework first.

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