Is it possible to set my APC40 up so that I can control the step sequencer, without losing the abelton default controls???

I recently found a user question/answer post here on the abelton site that gave directions for setting up a step sequencer on the Akia APC40. The sequencer works great but in order to set it up I must remap the faders so each fader will control the pitch of each note in the sequence. I honestly love this approach it allows me to create interesting sequences easily. Where I run into problems is when I need to adjust the volumes of each track, which the abelton default previously controlled with the faders... What my question is am i able to(possibly with the bank selection button) switch between different control layouts on the fly??? For instance I'm using the step sequencer and i want to adjust the volume of another track without changing the pitch of the corresponding note in the sequence so I push a button on the APC40 that switches to the abelton default so i can adjust the volume with the faders then push the button again switching the faders controls back to the sequencer controls allowing me to adjust note pitch.


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    I would like to create a drumrack mode in M4L to play the pads on the APC40 MPC style. So +1 on this old thread... Anybody has any ideas?

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