Is it possible to send the Ableton Master sync clock signal to a slave machine, WITHOUT the START/STOP command?


I'm using Live 8 as a master sync to control a Korg ESX-1. I'm using the ESX as a MIDI note player and NOT as a sequencer. I still want the clock to be synced for the BPM effects available on the ESX.

I set the Live Preference MIDI/Sync OUT option ON for the ESX.

When I press PLAY in Live, it works great to send the BPM sync message (and the ESX is correctly matching to it) but it's also STARTS the machine pattern sequence to play in the same time. I don't want that.

According to my research about that, it seems that there are START/STOP "Realtime message" sent with the Timing clock signal, by pressing the "play" command in Live.

I tryied to configure the ESX's PCEN parameters in a way to ignore that START/STOP command, without success.

So, it's why I'm asking if it is possible to disable, in Ableton Live, the START/STOP command sending when the clock sync out is ON.

Thanks in advance


Cable_POK 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • batman14
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    Can you just put a blank pattern on the ESX? The start/stop command will be useful to sync some LFO and recorded enveloppes.

    You can use max for live to filter the message:

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  • filipblaauw
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    Hi, you need to set you Prophet 6 to receive the clock signal without the start/stop command. To do this, go to the global menu on your Prophet.
    On Midi Clock (button 3), select nSS option. Then the Prophet will receive the tempo when a track is played, but it won't fire the arpeggiator.
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  • bradfromraleigh
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    Hi - is there an easier way to handle this rather than using max? I have a Prophet 6 that I would like to sync but the Prophet stores preset patterns in its internal sequencer. These automatically play back whenever I start Ableton. There has to be a way to tell Ableton to send clock-only I would think...

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