Is it possible to convert a Drum Rack into a Sampler?

I recorded every note of an old Casio and used Slice to MIDI to quickly! chop up the individual notes. However this generates a Drum Rack filled with the slices, and since it's melodic content, and since I have a Push, I'm missing out on the melodic features (cheatcodes) the Push has to offer.


How can I convert those auto-slices into Sampler? Or how can I convert them into clips that I can drag into a Sampler?


Also, I'm not married to Slice to MIDI if there's a better route for what I'm looking for, but it is awfully fast.


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  • Elektruck2
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    Sorry, I'm doing the same, did you find another way? I also made drumracks of sampled violins and stuff this way. But the instruments are really hard for my RAM, if I take 3 of the them all audio starts ticking and the computer seems to hang?!

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  • ShelLuser
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    First thing to keep in mind here is that slicing is a non-destructive operation. Instead of actually cutting the file into smaller pieces it most likely has used Simpler to load the file and has pointed it to a specific section of it. Clicking on a pad should show you as much.

    What you could do is click on the pad to show Simpler, right click on the sample window and select "Crop Sample". This will actually create a new sample which only consists of the current selection.

    These new samples can then be found in the project directory. Click on "Current project" in the browser; you should see a folder "Samples". Open it, and you'll see "Processed" which in its turn contains "Crop". That's where you'll find the new sample(s).

    After that it should be easy to use these.

    Do note though that using all those individual samples could very well use up more resources (memory) than loading a bigger file once and having Simpler point to specific sections of it.



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