Is Ableton Live Lite version 8 is enough for me?


I am using Ableton Live Lite 8.0. I doubt is it enough for me to start for a simple music production? I need to do recording with microphone, mixing it and do mastering.


Do I need to purchase Ableton Live 9 series. Please suggest




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    Lite versions have limitations: only a maximum amount of tracks, inputs, etc.
    So if you only need to record a mic, it will probably be enough. But when you want to arrangement a whole track, you will soon run into a lot of limitations.

    And the mastering you are talking about: well, that is a whole science by itself, but can also be done in an amateur way by using Live's plugins.

    So i think you will have enough options for simple recording stuff. But you can always look into something like Live 9 intro or something similar.
    lite versions are basically only stripped down versions of the full program. So if you want to take making your own songs serious, i suggest inventing in a proper (full) DAW. If all you want to do is record some mic input and do some 'mastering', you might as well use any other (free) recording software like garage band or Audacity.

    Depends completely on what you want to achieve. And more full options mean more flexibility :-)

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