Install 32-bit along with 64 bit version, Live 9.7.1 on MacOS Sierra

I've heard this can be done before, and seen people do it successfully on either other versions of Live or other versions of MacOS, but I have not seen anything about either Live 9 or recent system updates. Does anyone have it running or has anyone seen it work?


Here's what's going on:

(Mac Pro, MacOS Sierra, have a legitimate copy of Live 9.7.1 Suite 64-bit already installed)

Renamed 64-bit application "Ableton Live 9 Suite 64-Bit" and the 64-bit renamed application still functions.

32-bit installation works fine.

Renamed 32-bit application "Ableton Live 9 Suite 32-Bit"

Opened 32-bit application.

Usual square appears, looks like it's going well

Scanning plugins (that's why I'm trying to install 32-bit Live)

Opening new set

Application jumps once in the Dock and then disappears, followed by an "application quit unexpectedly" window


Anyone else having this problem?

64-bit version still works fine.

Tried multiple times downloading the installer again and still doesn't work.


I wouldn't kill myself if this didn't work but if so would love it if Ableton implemented 32-bit VSTs on a 64-bit Live.


doubll 1 year ago | 0 comments

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