If I move packs, could it be that also self-contained projects refuse to open?

I have an issue with AL9 I've never had to deal with before. Some live-sets won't open and the program seems to freeze at the "loading the live set"-message. Now the peculiar thing is the within a given project folder, some sets will open and with some sets Ableton will just freeze up. Now, I always execute all options of the "Collect All and Save"-command, because exactly for this kind of issues I like my projects to be self-contained. 
Now, a few things that hint where the problem might be:
- I've noticed that the sets that refuse to open, contain packs that were in the "Factory Packs"-folder
- I've been moving packs from my computer to my hard-drive to free up space, and also because I wanted all Packs in one dedicated folder on my hard-drive, instead of in 2 separate ones on my computer. For this I only used the "Move Packs…"-command in the browser. I've noticed that the icons of the moved packs changed color (from black to white) and are accessible as regular folders now. Maybe Ableton regards the moved folder as corrupted? Does this make sense? 
- I've been adding a few new plug-ins from various sites. Are there known plug-ins that make Ableton crash/freeze? (although I don't think they're the source of my problem…)
On the forums I've seen you need to change the link of your "Installation Folder for Packs" in the "Library"-tab. I will try this first, but I figured I'd send this mail anyway, since at my place there's no internet and it might save me an hour trip to the library. So, in case the aforemented method doesn't work, what would I have to do? Should I download and reinstall the factory packs? ("Guitar & Bass", "Session Drums", etc. … Could someone please shed a little light on this topic, as I need these sets both for studio- and performance-purposes...
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