I would like to map more samples at my fingertips than Drum Rack allows; more flexible alternative to creating an Instrument Chain?

I often work with drum packs that contain many variations on each type of drum (kicks, snares, rolls, etc.) and find that I fill up Drum Racks quickly when I drag and drop the samples in. By the time I've mapped a set of kicks and snares, I've eaten an entire drum rack's mappable slots. 

One common solution is creating an instrument rack containing chains and macro knobs as "sound selectors" to switch between sets of sounds (dialing between snares, etc.). I find this approach a bit tedious and limiting for on-the-fly creativity. I prefer hitting around on various keys to find a sound I love, sometimes combining multiple keys to layer sounds as I come across them.

I'd love infinite octaves to map an infinite drum rack, but that's not possible. I tried creating separate chains for kicks, snares, etc. but when I record a midi clip and play it back, the sounds I hear change when I rotate my macro knob to switch chains. Big mess.


Please advise; how can I map a ton of drum samples across my keyboard and overcome these drum rack/instrument rack limitations? Or, more to the core issue- how can I have many drum sounds available and playable in a fast-paced creative setting? Thank you.






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    Not sure if it is what you are looking for, but there is a way to get more out of the drumrack using samplers and multisamples.
    Check this tutorial by Dubspot.

    However, sooner or later you will have to start using macros or similar solutions, because of limitations in midi range, i think.
    You already have 128 slots per drumrack. If this does not suit your needs, maybe think about using multiple drumracks on different tracks with multiple controllers. If the link doesn't work, search for 'THE last drumrack you will ever have to make' by Dubspot.

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