I'm out of LFOs, how can I add vibrato to Operator?

I've got this nice synth flute sound in Operator (based on one of the presets, Ocarina I think), but the LFO is used as part of the design of the sound. So I can't use it for vibrato (by assigning it to oscillator pitch) like I otherwise would.

Is there another way I could program vibrato for my synth line? It doesn't have to be controllable in realtime, as I'm just trying to make a recording.

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Warrior Bob 6 years ago | 1 comment

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  • edm Ableton staff
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    You could try modulating the pitch with a clip envelope.

    If you had Max for Live you would also have the option to add more LFOs with these:


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  • Nodepond
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    ...Vibrato is not about amplitude modulation (that would be called Tremolo) - it is about variation of the pitch. I am really wondering why all the threads in the forums are confusing this two effects. Still try to figure out how to do a Vibrato on any audio-input in Live. The auto-pan is no help there, because its only about the amplitude modulation.

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  • Warrior Bob
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    I was able to rig up one half-decent solution using Live's Frequency Shifter device. I put the device after Operator and added it to a rack, and mapped a macro knob to the Frequency Shifter's LFO depth and time, adjusting the range to taste. Now I have one knob I can use to dial it in, just like with a modwheel.

    The disadvantage is that the whole sound is shifted, after the filter stage, which sounds a little unnatural but seems to be okay if I don't bring the instrument too far forward in the mix.

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  • Ganta
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    Alright so I basically did what mister Warrior Bob did and I just added an auto filter to it. 

    I set the LFO/S&H to Macro 1 knob and if you turn the knob a little bit to the right, very quickly you can sense some vibrato. How  come LFOs are only accustomed to 8 knobs? Why aren't there any LFOs with like one hundred?  

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  • gdomusic
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    You could also try using Autopan. Vibrato is basically amplitude modulation, and that is pretty much what Autopan is all about. Just set the phase to 0 degrees so that the left and right channels are synced and then set the speed and amount of the effect to taste.

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