I'm having trouble getting my Keystudio 49 (not the i49) to send midi notes to ableton.

Hello all,
I'm a bit perplexed here. My Keystudio 49 was working a while a go with my older version of ableton, when all of a sudden it quicks working on me. 

When I depress the keys, I see in the top right corner that ableton is recieving these messages but I get no audio cues in the midi instrument or playback. Sometimes I will but it will happen a good 45 seconds after I depress the key!

I know that the keyboard itself works because I will launch a standalone of NI's Massive and I can get normal response by the keyboard. For some reason with ableton I'm getting a very laggy response. Does anyone know what's going on here and how I might be able to fix it? I'm running ableton 8.2.7 at the moment.

Thanks ahead of time for all your help and suggestions!


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    Contact support@ableton.com and/or M-audio. Something's not right there. 45 seconds! Actually, try the newer version of Live first.



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