I hear my external midi synth twice: from Live and directly from the computer.


I can't get rid of the direct sound of my Mopho X4 coming from the computer.

I can't find out where I should set this up, in my sound card? (Babyface) in the synth or in the Mac (Maverick)?

I want the sound to come only from Lives output.

Thank you!

(OSX Maverick, Live 9, Babyface, Mopho X4)



Axl Otl 3 years ago | 0 comments

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    Sounds like you have an audio interface with s 'through' function on it.
    Sometimes also called direct monitoring.
    This means you hear Live's sound, but also the direct signal from your instrument.
    Many soundcards have this to be able to play an instrument without any delay/latency.

    Try looking for a 'mix' setting or direct monitoring knob, and turn it down.

    2 years ago | 1 comment

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