i have to pay 3 times to use max 6.1?


i have live 8 and won't upgrade to 9 because i don't need the very few features, i already have max for live and that is all i use live for.    i have gen with max 6, i paid extra for it.   but, to use max 6.1 in max for live, you are telling me i need to buy live 9.   there aren't enough features to justify the price.  
but i don't need or want live 9, i already bought max 6 by paying extra to cycling 74, i paid 250 USD to get it with gen.
i need max 6.1 to work with max for live, which i ALSO paid you for.  Now, you want me to pay A THIRD TIME to use max inside live, by upgrading NOT ONLY MAX, NOT ONLY BUYING MAX FOR LIVE, BUT NOW PAYING TO USE MAX AGAIN BY HAVING TO UPGRADE LIVE.
i have been using ableton live since version 3;  i paid for live 8, i paid for max for live, and i paid for max 6 with gen.   Now, this is getting ridiculous.  You want me to upgrade to live 9, but there is a ton of overlap here.  
i don't need to upgrade live, i already upgraded max with gen.
in order to use max 6.1 with max for live, i am not going to continue doing business with ableton, just jyi, if you won't allow me to keep using max.
Why would you FINE live 8 users for being loyal customers and wanting to use the latest version of MAX?


deepliferecords 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • michael.j.mclaughlin20
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    That stinks. What are the features that you wish you had in your version of Max?

    Is it not possible just to wire signals from outside of max to inside of Ableton?

    5 years ago | 0 comments

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