How to use AU or VST program banks with Live

A rather fundamental question, but a problem nonetheless.

Having trouble understanding and finding information re how to use different AU and VST program banks with Live.

Is it the case that each MIDI clip takes it "instrument" from the Bank>Sub-bank>Program saved with the Clip Notes ? And does the Bank.Sub-bank>Program fields correspond to settings in the VST/AU?

In other words, if I have a set of presets loaded in a VST program, for example, Alchemy, should I be able to move from one instrument to another using the Bank>Sub-bank>Program fields? Does the Bank refer to the set of presets loaded into the VST (Alchemy)? 

I'm not clear what Bank and Sub-bank and Program refer to ... or is this something I should take up with CamelAudio?



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    The exact way of responding differs for each vst. But usually you can use the program bank settings to tell your instrument which of the presets/banks to play.
    Just try what will happen when you change the settings, or search for more info about these program changes on the web.

    Hope this helps!

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