How to stop pops and crackles

I have multi core processor. I am using LIVE 8.3.4 in rewire to Reasons. I have 5 tracks that are offline. And only one track playing in LIVE. I have six tracks going in Reasons, and LIVE is popping and crackling like crazy. That's not all though. The same thing is happening in LIVE in standalone mode. I have made sure that the Multicore/Multiprocessor Support is On. Also even though the Multicore/Multiprocessor Rewire looks grayed out as not being available I can click it On and Off. And of course it is On. Can anyone suggest a solution for solving this problem


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  • david.barker
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    Im no expert,but this sounds like latency issues,or buffering

    Have a look at your preferences and check the sample rate and buffering settings,and your soundcard
    Also you can set a tone to check for any such problems,within the preferences section
    Hvae you got the latest audio drivers for your soundcard?Thats worth a look too

    Hope this helps

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