How to save music used for DJing with multiple clips per song?

I've been starting to build up folders of pre-warped tracks I can use to DJ with, my DJ template setup involves 2 audio tracks (per side) with audio routed to a channel used for audio fx (left side and right side). My first question is: how do I save songs that have multiple clips that are used as cue points and whatnot effectively so that I don't have to rename them as I'm saving? Right now they save as .als files and the name will revert to the name on the audio track, either L1, L2, R1 or R2. Renaming each scene is a little more tedious than I'd hope. The second question is how do I load these songs that involve multiple clips into a track without having the audio to selection revert to the master? Again these tracks are routed into channels that I use for fx, so LFX and RFX, but whenever I load one of these scenes with multiple clips it changes the output selection. Almost all tips or advice are appreciated.

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mpctradein 2 years ago | 0 comments

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