How to route MIDI CC data to an External Audio Effect device on a Send channel?

I have several outboard FX units that I'd like to integrate more tightly with Live. Many of them send & receive MIDI CC data and I'd like to be able to automate them. 

I've set up External Audio Effect racks and assigned Macros to the CC's for the parameters that I want to control, and I can use a workaround to get past the fact that I can't record automation for a return track directly (I set the Audio Out for my return track to another audio track, put my rack on that track and can record automation, use Dummy clips, etc) but what I can't do is figure out how to transmit the automation data to the device itself. Since it's an Audio Effect, no MIDI ports show up as an output for the track with the rack on it. 

I know I can simply set up a MIDI Effect Rack on a different channel with the Macros mapped to my device and leave the External Audio Effect in the return track, but I'm wondering if there was a more simple way of doing this. 


towers of silence 4 years ago | 0 comments

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