How to Reduce Midi Latency

Recently, I started watching performers performing using the Push 2 on Youtube. And i realized that almost non of the performers had latency problems. I started using the Push recently and i had a slight latency, not enough to bother me playing slowly, but when i start playing fast beats, they get really bad. the CPU wasnt bad, the computer wasnt the problem since i tried it on other computers. Then i realized, most performers had multiple chords more than needed hanging from the push and some had interfaces connected which was then connected to the computer. So my question is-how do performers have almost zero latency? Do those extra chords hanging down relate to this? if it is, then what are those extra chords connected to?




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    I think the other chords you see hanging from Push are stuff like power supply and control pedals.

    Latency should be almost none when connecting Push straight to your computer and setting midi in/out correctly. Have you tried changing the buffer on your soundcard settings? Sometimes helps.

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