How To Record Zero Latency Vocals With Reverb

Hey. Newbie here and brand new to Ableton.

So I found this article about recording vocals with zero latency  

using my Saffire pro 24 interface to monitor but still having the reverb from my DAW (Ableton) so the singer can have some reverb in her headphones. I pretty much did everything in the article, I'm doing something wrong.

Basically here are my steps I've taken , I create a vocal track. On this track, I mute the channel and cut the monitoring button to off. The output on this track is master. I then turn up my A send channel all the way up because my reverb is on that track.
Next, like I mentioned, I create a reverb track. On this track, I have the output of this track going to my headphones 1-2.

Now, I can hear the audio when I'm speaking into the mic, so I 'm thinking at this point I'm hearing this signal directly from my interface and it's not coming out through Ableton but there is no reverb with it.
If I cut the vocal track on i can hear the reverb of course but at that point, I'm no longer monitoring it from my interface.

I'm so lost. Please help and advise. I have screen shots of my set up but I don't see how to attach it.



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  • ZeroS
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    the link doesn't work,

    and I am not sure about what exactly you want to do, but I am assuming you want to use ableton reverb as an external effect, if that is the case do the following:

    in your vocal track set Audio To to Sends Only and don't mute it, set the Monitor to In.

    in your track where you take audio from the reverb channel, don't mute it and set the Monitor to In, Audio to Master ( or other external channels if you like to).

    now you supposed to hear just the reverb from the Master channel.

    you should take the master (or other external channel) as a parallel return channel

    and for low latency set the sample buffer size to the lowest your PC and interface could handle without dropouts.

    tell me if this works for you, because I am not sure, if that is what you need


    good luck

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  • Christo.
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    Just cracked it.

    Create your main vocal track ,'Audio 1' set it to "in".

    Mute it.

    Send the output of 'Audio 1' into a new vocal track 'Audio 2'.

    Put a reverb on send A and make sure its 100% wet.

    Above the master fader on the right there are a few yellow buttons with "post" written on them. make sure you click the one linked to return A so it shows "pre".

    Turn the send knob on 'Audio 2' 100% for the return track A. 

    Turn down 'Audio 2's fader all the way.

    There you go, now you can hear your dry vocal using the dry wet knob, and some live comfort reverb without hearing the delay in your vocal.

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