How to play the operator 808 kick preset chromatically?

How do Iplay the operator 808 kick preset chromatically? No matterwhat key I hit, I get the same tone. All oscillators B, C, D are fixed, but adjusting osc A changes the overall pitch of the kick (sounds pretty ok when osc A is anywhre between 25-100 Hz). I would now like to assign that span to the keyboard. Tried macros on macros, making an instrument rack, trying the key assign thing. Bottom line is I can't get the keyboard to play osc A at different rates. Unticking 'Fixed' doesn't help the cause. Thoughts? I would really like to use this particular kick preset and I want it laid out on the keyboard. Possible?


stefski 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Warrior Bob
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    I just tried it with the preset found at Operator -> Drums -> Kick-808.

    Disengaging the "fixed" button for oscillator A, and changing nothing else, produced exactly the effect you described, where the pitch of the kick moves up and down chromatically as it's triggered with different MIDI notes.  

    6 years ago | 0 comments

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