How to overdub MIDI envelope from the beginning

Hi, I'm using Live as a sequencer/looper sending MIDI to an external synthesizer. My workflow is to record a MIDI clip and then change MIDI CC parameters like filter cutoff and release. If I'm using Arrangement Record with Session Recording enabled, I can record all the MIDI I need to later record everything into audio. So far, so good.

However, my issue is that I don't understand how to overdub a MIDI clip envelope so that the very beginning of the clip will have the new CC values. For example, if I record a clip with filter cutoff starting from 127, and then when the clip is playing I reduce the cutoff gradually to 30, the value will always reset to 127 once the clip starts again. I can overdub most of the clip with the new value 30 by just twiddling the cutoff knob, but I can't overdub the first few moments of the envelope, where the value is 127. I guess it's possible if I could send the value 30 at the exact moment when the loop starts again, but this seems really difficult.

It seems that sometimes the overdubbing works perfectly, and if I am turning the knob at the same time the loop restarts, the new values replace the old ones from the very beginning of the clip. However it's kind of unreliable and sometimes doesn't work so smoothly.

Thanks for any ideas how to achieve this. I tried searching but I did not find any useful results, but I am sure there must be someone having the same problem.

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unwiselychosenusername 1 year ago | 0 comments

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