How to mixdown effects on each channel?

Hi - hoping someone could help me with some fundamentals on Ableton.  Despite using it for some time on a hobby basis - I am lacking knowledge on some fundamentals.  This is probably a simple one for someone.

Making most of my music in session view (recording hardware synths and vsti), I think some of the tracks are ready to be out together in arrangement view and ready for mixdown.

The biggest question I have is this - I have effects on each channel - do I need to resample them together with the loops before mixdown - or are all effects applied included in the mixdown.  i.e. a synthline with reverb on the channel - do I need to resample them together first so that the reverb is part of the sample?

I recall experimenting with a mixdown a while ago and I recorded into the arrangement view by hitting record and playing out live in session view.  I was constantly playing with the filters on the track.  I then did a mixdown and when I reimported it there were no filters - just basic dry loops.

My second issue is this and might provide some clarity on the process I have been doing.  Due to issues with CPU I have always immediately bounced any midi recorded with VSTi to audio.  I have then deactivated the midi track and deactivated the vsti, so i have it for live jam or reference.   But all my audio tracks have 1/2 in the 2nd box underneath the "audio from".  If i require a mono final loop should I set this before recording in - or can I just drop the utility on it afterwards.  I am not to sure on what to set this at.  An again as the utility is essentially an effect rack? how does this apply to my mixdown question? Duh?

Thanks for any advice.


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    Hi there!

    All fx on a track are also there when you make a mix.
    The fx are, however, on the track, but not incorporaties in the sample, unless you use resampling or render the track.
    Another option is using the freeze/flatten function or do a real-time recording of the entire channel.

    If you want to record both audio/midi and automation, you will have to turn on a little button at the top of your screen: it has two little circles in it, connected by a line and is next to the transport section in Live 9.

    Also, when playing back your recorded arrangement, make sure you hit they 'back to arrangement' button, to actually hear the arrangement, in stead of whatever was playing last.

    About mono/stereo: if you want to record a mono signal, set the input to a mono channel: so use only a single input in stead of a stereo pair.
    However, you can still apply utility after recording to turn it into a mono signal as well. Just make sure it still sounds the way you want it to.

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