How to MIDI Map a variable parameter for retrigger?

Not sure if 'retrigger' is the correct word to use here... 
I'm using the Ms Pinky VST, which lets me assign 16 cue points to an audio track which I can then scratch. Using the VST's interface I can trigger a sample repeatedly by clicking on the cue point buttons, as you'd expect on a typical Serato type setup. Obviously it would be great if I could map these cue points a MIDI controller for rapid fire cue point access! 
So I open the configure section in the Plugin, and the 16 cue points are represented as a horizontal slider with 16 steps. I have an LPD8 drum pad outputting MIDI notes, and I've mapped their note range to the slider by pressing the first and last note of the range while in mapping mode. This lets me access all the different cue points, so that hitting a pad snaps the slider to the corresponding step, which then triggers the corresponding cue point. So far so good. 
The problem is, once I've hit cue point X, I have to hit a different pad to be able to trigger X again; i.e. I can't just keep hitting cue point X over and over. I'm assuming this is because the slider isn't sending any data to the plugin as it technically hasn't changed position but i'm open to other theories :) 
Is there a different way I should configure either the plugin or my controller so that I can trigger cue points repeatedly? How are triggers in a VST supposed to be represented when mapping to MIDI? Ideally I could get each cue point to show up as an individual button in the configure section of the VST, so that I could spread them across multiple controllers, but I'd settle for just being able to play a sample more than once...

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