How to make vocal sound more upfront, in your ear & stand out in track


Im a newbie whos learning everything and ive learnt alot so far. But one thing I'm struggling with is how to get vocals more upfront/ to sound like they are in your ear and in the centre - like it sits in its own little pocket within the song (not just panning effect but like as shown in the video as with many other pop artists these days). 

For example:

connor maynards covers e.g. faded etc

or jervy hos covers etc


There is probably alot of complex stuff probs autotune etc to do with vocals going on in the video, but I just wanted to know if it is possible to achieve a similar sound as if you are singing in someones ear and having vocals sit in their own little space so that that they are heard despite loud instrumentals and also if possible to still retain as much of the instrumental volume as possible so that it is heard. 

I just have the basic live product, izotopes nectar 2, gsnap, surfereqboogie and a few other plugins. My mic is rode nta1 (its okey :3)

Any help is appreciated


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    Onze thing to try is this: use layers. Use a mono or narrow width for the main vocal channel, add some layers with panning, effects, etc. Try reverbs, also via send effects, or try some of Ableton's vocal effect racks to get an idea of what works. There are so many things you can try. Probably a lot of tutorials available on that subject too. Besides all that, it just takes a lot of practice too. Experiment with saturation, subtiel distortion, delays, etc. Many ways to get a better result!

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