how to make complextro style like gartner , zedd , madeon , lazy rich ?

hello !


i would like to know if you have some tips ans tricks to achieve this kind of crazy style ?

how to do all this sounds ,  synths's cuts , kind of  call and response 's sequencing ?

it seems there is several sounds playing and sharing  the same melody so i dont know how to precisely  getting  it ?

 some other guys who are not considered like "complextro'artists" do this kind of technique .

skrillex by exple   use ableton and  this kind of sequencing technique (call/reponse) .

so have you some processes to share ,  to achieve that in live 8 ?


all your tips , ideas  and experience are welcomed !


 huge thanks by advance for enlighting me(us).


tschuss !


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  • moloko001
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    I would say that one really effective means of call and response is to start with a small, simple Melodic loop. Then double the length of the loop, but DO NOT double the MIDI or Audio data of the loop. So that you hear one complete run through and then an equal length of silence in a single clip.

    Then you can either use the MIDI clip on a new instrument, an audio clip run through new effects, or any other new sample to give the response. The response clip should also be doubled in length but NOT the material itself. Then position the sounds so that they fall on the second half of the loop. Thus, when you launch the response clip you will hear silence before an equal length of sound.

    This is only one simple way to get a "call and response" effect. You have probably done this already. So the advice is to use the SAME clip for BOTH call and response. Use effects and change the parameters like: doubling/halving the playback speed, offsetting MIDI data by a small amount, parameter modulation, serious mangling of sounds by effects, delays, glitch patches, etc.

    This can have some amazing results even by accident. Try it out. Also, sometimes increasing a loop length by 50% instead of doubling it has some nice effects.


    6 years ago | 1 comment

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