how to link apc40 with apc20 setup

link apc40 with apc20 setup





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  • Mark One
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    Just plug them both in and load the control surface presets for each of them in the preferences MIDI tab. On screen each APC will have a different coloured window around the clips it is controlling, one red and one yellow for the first two devices I think. Obviously you want to use the navigation keys on the APC's to set them to control different tracks i.e. APC40 track 1-8 and APC20 track 9-16. You can set them to the same tracks but at different scenes but then the volume will be controlled by both faders unless you assign the faders on the second APC to control a send or other parameter.


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    I have Push APC 20 and 40 on Live 9 ...

    the faders are lined up ... I mean ... 20 and 40 are laying next to each other

    ... only the session control knobs of both are the same with the blue lines around ( red is from Push)  ... when I move them for both APC 20 and 40 the are 

    I tried pref track sync remote on/off but no result ... 

    any tips that could lead to this solution ?


    thank You 

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