How to get rid of two sounds combined on Midi controller?

Hi. I am brand new to using this DAW as well as MIDI. I know this is probably a simplistic and dumb question that most likely has a simple answer but I simply cant figure it out and havent found an answer while scouring this site as well as others. I plugged my Korg Microkey 61 into LIVE and was going through the tutorial which showed how to load different sounds onto a midi track when this happened. It seems no matter what sound I load, at least half of my keyboard will continue to have drum sounds combined with whatever other sound I load. For example, if I load (drag and drop) lets say "Grand Piano". I have the grand piano sounds but I also have a drum kit sound as well. How the Hell do I get rid of the drums?? Its pretty hard to compose a piano peice when you are hearing snares, toms and cymbals play simultaneously with piano. Like I said, I am sure this is something really simple but its beyond me. Thanks.


BaronVonO 4 years ago | 0 comments

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