How to add Push to my Live setup?

Hi, I need a little direction from existing Push users to see if this scenario is workable…

I have a session in Live with backing tracks and samples I control with a Roland SPD-SX. The session is fairly intensive and mapped out with tempo changes, MIDI commands being looped through IAC to fire different scenes, etc. I have an audio interface and a MIDI interface with several inputs.

Typically, if another player wanted to integrate his MIDI controller into the setup, I'd set up a MIDI track with the appropriate instruments and assign it and the controller a dedicated MIDI channel. Then run a MIDI cable across stage from his controller to my MIDI interface. We'd save any custom MIDI mappings to the session.

What I've got is a player who uses a Push 2 to play a few software instruments. We'd like to use my setup to avoid multiple computers and interfaces onstage. Is there a way to do something similar, but using Push instead of a generic controller? The main questions I have are:

  • How do I get the Push and my laptop connected? (assuming USB repeater cable since his Push doesn't have hardware outputs)
  • How to "assign" his Push to only a specific track?
  • How to prevent session commands on the Push from interfering with the session?

I appreciate any help. Thanks!

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rmedek 1 year ago | 0 comments

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