How much does it cost to upgrade from Ableton Standard to Suite?

I've got a copy of Ableton Live Lite and am interested in buying Standard on the 25% off black friday / weekend sale. 


But I'm not sure I want to drop all the money required to get Suite. Ableton's website won't show me upgrade prices as I do not currently own Standard and they show prices based on your account status.


Can anyone give me the following information:

How much does it cost to upgrade from Ableton Live Standard to Suite right now for you and how much does it cost to buy a brand new Ableton Live Standard and brand new Ableton Live Suite (in case our prices are a bit different due to region, and my live discount, etc).


Just trying to figure out the proportions to find out how much more expensive it would be for me to do this upgrade in stages instead of all right now.


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    Well in case anyone else was wondering...


    It cost $205 CDN more for me to get Suite than Standard.


    After I bought Standard, I was offered an upgrade to Suite for $220 CDN. 


    So there's the proportion.

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