How do I stop Live creating unwanted automation points when I move a clip?

I do a lot of music editing in Arrangement View. Whenever I move a clip forwards or backwards in its track, if it already has automation points, Live adds unwanted extra automation points at the start and end of the clip.

For example, say I add an automation envelope which keeps an effect's mix level at zero for most of the clip, then raises it smoothly in time for the last note. Two automation points, one at zero and one at the final mix level. If I then move the clip, Live will add more automation points at the start and end of the clip. I end up with my effect mix turned up for the whole length of the song until the clip starts, then down to zero during the clip, raised for the last note as I intended, but then immediately lowered to zero again at the end of the clip. For effects that sustain, this is obviously inappropriate.

I spend a lot of time just removing these extra automation points. Is there a way to turn off this behaviour? I can't lock the envelopes because I need the automation to move with the clips.


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  • rykms
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    This issue is driving me INSANE and I haven't been able to find any info anywhere.

    I have complex arrangements and sometimes I need to move EVERYTHING left or right in time. When I do, Ableton adds seemingly completely random automation points in many of the tracks at the start and end of the selection that moved. This means it turns devices on and off, changes the tempo of the arrangement... all kinds of things at the end points of the moving selection. 

    I understand that the program needs to add automation points if the selection that is moving is in the middle of an gradual change in an automation line (a slanted line), but the changes I'm seeing are occurring on otherwise straight lines. (eg. if I grab and move a section of the arrangement where the tempo of the song stays consistently at 100bpm throughout, it will sometimes randomly drop the tempo down to an arbitrary 61.2bpm, for example, at the start of the selection in it's new location, creating a slanted line from 100 at the beginning of my arrangement down to 61.2 at the beginning of my selection, then jumping back up to 100 again till the end of my selection where it might do something else strange.

    Obviously locking the automation is not an option because I need it to move with the selection. 

    Anyone know anything about this? 


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  • LeBitonio
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    I have the same issue and i was thinking i was the only one with that problem... It makes me crazy and make me lose plenty of time...

    I have found that it doesn't happen with all plugins, for example it happens with u-he or sonic charge plugins (ex : Bazille and Permut8) but it doesnt happrn with Arturia or Native products.

    So i think there is a problem with third part programs management but i dont know who will fix it. There was up-date from Ableton and from U-he and nothing changes.

    Does anybody write directly to ableton ?


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  • loaub
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    Hopefully this is fixed in live 10, what a monumental pain in the ass. And no, locking envelopes does not help as that leaves all automation in place as you move your clips to other areas, including automation you want to move

    5 months ago | 0 comments
  • Pivan
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    I think i found the answer

    19.5.3 locking envelope    ;)

    6 months ago | 0 comments

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