How do I setup Live to record each channel of the Maschine separately?

I figured this could be of interest to a lot of people. When using Maschine as a plug-in to Live, how do I set Live up so that I can record the different sounds of it into separate audio channels? 

Been browsing and finding no tutorials on this.



soulgoran 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Near Earth Object
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    For every sound you want to record from Maschine separately, create a new audio track in Live.

    Then use the IN/OUT settings of that track to set it to "Maschine IN".

    In Maschine you select the sound you want to send to a certain track, and use the IN/OUT settings of that sound to send it to a different channel; in the audio track you created in Live you can then select the corresponding Maschine output as an input for that track. 


    You do the same for every sound you want to record separately from Maschine. 

    Then you'll be able to record all sounds on different channels at the same time.

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  • Mark One
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    I don't have Maschine so this is just a guess... I have a Virus TI and to enable multichannel audio I need to create a MIDI track to put the Virus TI VST into, then I have to create additional audio tracks and select the track with the Virus on as the audio input (in the first drop down in the track I/O) section then the second drop down menu beneath it gives me a choice of the available USB audio streams from the Virus. It is limited to 3 stereo tracks with the Virus and I think tis is partly due to bandwidth...

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  • soulgoran
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    This is very helpful. Thank you!

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    Another way is to drag the channel audio to an audio track. this some may already know, turn off all the channels, right click to turn on the one you want to use, make sure the audio is checked in the drop down menu then left click the icon to drag the audio or midi to your project to the audio channel. I just tried this and from what I see you maybe able to edit from the controller. I will add more to see if it works.

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